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The Customer Cup is all about sharing your ideas on how to make things better for our customers. We’re looking for your Good Thinking – ideas that make a real difference, drive forward our strategy and help us deliver outstanding solutions.

This year we’ve changed the Customer Cup so it’s better than ever. There’s a specific challenge to solve, a shorter tournament cycle and more help for finalists, so if your idea stands out, it could become a reality.

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Your challenge

Your idea for the Customer Cup should answer this question:
How can we help the sandwich generation – that is, those people caring
for children and parents at the same time?

How can we help?


Because people are living to an older age and children are living with their parents for longer. This presents new challenges to the generation in the middle that’s responsible both for bringing up their own children and for the care of their ageing parents. And these are challenges that Aviva could help to solve.

An insight into the sandwich generation

Members of this generation are likely to be time poor and under pressure. They have a sense of duty and healthy finances are important to fulfilling that duty. Some of their concerns will be childcare and education costs, whether their children will be able to afford a first home, the time and money required to care for their elderly parents, how to balance work and home life, and whether helping their family will impact on their own future financial security.

Here are a few examples you could consider:

  • Is there a way to make it easier for them to care for their parents and keep track of their parents’ health?
  • How could we relieve the financial burden of looking after both their parents and children?
  • What could we do to make it easier for them to manage their busy lifestyle?
  • How could we help their children to save for a better future – with or without their parents’ support?

And remember to make sure that, whatever your idea is, it really stands out.

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How to get involved

It's really easy to enter the Customer Cup using the Aviva Innovation Centre. Here are a few tips to help you come up with an idea and develop it into something that could stand out from the crowd.


Get started

Get those thought starters out of your head and written on paper (or your tablet smartphone or wherever else suits you). List any innovative ideas that could make our customers’ lives better and things that could be done differently, developed further or delivered in another part of Aviva to help people live well for longer.


Get together

Get a team together and brainstorm each thought starter. The best ideas are usually developed when you discuss your thoughts and other people add to them. You'll soon discover which ideas have the most potential.


Get it refined

Work on the idea or ideas that you want to take further. You can use the Aviva Innovation Centre to present your idea and share it with your colleagues. You can continue to refine and develop your entry before the deadline. Make it as good and clear as possible so our judging panel will understand your idea and its benefits. Remember, our judges will look at a lot of ideas – do your best to make sure yours stands out.


Get it off the ground

Submit your idea via the Aviva Innovation Centre. Aviva colleagues around the world will be able to see it, comment on it and vote for it – so keep an eye out to see if your idea takes off.

Launch your idea


2016 Cup dates

These are the key dates to remember for the Customer Cup. If you have a leading idea, you could get all the way through to the amazing Grand Final on 3 – 4 May

Time line Image

Launch day

The Customer Cup takes off. You can submit your idea, and comment and vote, from this date until the deadline.

26 Sept

16 Dec

27 Feb

3‑4 May


Have a watch

See what's being said about the Customer Cup by our leaders and previous participants.

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Past ideas

Need some inspiration? These previous finalists come from across Aviva. See what kind of ideas stand out before coming up with something new.

  • Super6 Team Picture


    Super6 were winners of the 2014/15 Aviva Customer Cup. Recognising that home insurance customers want or need stolen or damaged items to be replaced quickly, they had the idea to use key suppliers to dramatically improve the claims experience.

    Six partnerships with businesses such as Amazon and Apple help us to get replacement items to our customers quickly and conveniently.

  • Customise Your Shield Team Picture

    Customise Your Shield

    Enabling customers to design and buy their insurance through a dedicated digital channel for a desired duration, Customise Your Shield would mean cover could be bought for any period from one month to a year.

    This would allow us to offer flexible and cost-effective cover for customers who, for example, only use a car or bike for a few months a year.

  • InstaLife Team Picture


    This team's idea enables customers in India to access online products, get quotes, generate illustrations and buy policies over the internet using their own devices.

    Their idea had a focus on providing the best possible user experience by designing a highly configurable and scalable online insurance buying platform.

  • Cash for my Cribs Team Picture

    Cash for my Cribs

    This team from Aviva Investors had the idea to offer Aviva Crowd Funding – a direct investment offering for people who want to invest in commercial property but don't have the necessary large funds, the expertise or the access to this market.

    As well as access to an alternative form of finance in a challenging market, customers would have complete control of their investments through an easy-to-use platform.

  • MyLegacy Team Picture


    MyLegacy is a digital vault from Aviva, securely accessible via our customers' devices, where they can store important financial information so it's easily available to their beneficiaries and dependants should they die.

  • Virtual Truck Team Picture

    Virtual Truck

    Gold Sustainability Award in the 2014/15 Customer Cup

    In an environment where competitors were closing their rural French agencies, this team came up with the idea of taking Aviva's expertise to communities on a truck.

    On board, customers would be able to access digital experiences and Aviva's products, decreasing rural isolation.

  • Virtual Branch Team Picture

    Virtual Branch

    2nd place in the Customer Cup 2014/15

    The Virtual Branch positions Aviva as a pioneer in harnessing online technology for insurance and investment products in Poland.

    The team proposed how to expand the Virtual Branch's offer by adding additional investment products and selected Life and GI products, and better access to advice and guidance.

  • Customer Coach Team Picture

    Customer Coach

    Recognising that customers who have just been involved in a car accident may not know what to do, this team developed a way to provide timely information and assistance that will help people at the accident scene and through the claims process.

    This included giving customers more choice in how they deal with us – whether through a phone call to our claims centre or an online digital app – giving them convenience and control.

  • Digitised Face to Face Team Picture

    Digitised Face to Face

    3rd place in 2014/15 Customer Cup

    This team had an idea to help Aviva remove bureaucracy and make it easier for customers in the digital age.

    Digitisation of the sale process would enable the customer and seller to perform the entire sales process and submission of the insurance application online, enhancing the experience.

  • Vouch for me Team Picture

    Vouch for me

    Silver Sustainability Award in the Customer Cup 2014/15

    Vouch for me is a mechanism enabling young people to build a body of evidence to demonstrate that they are lower risk.

    This could include references from family and friends, their employer or their driving instructor. In return, the young people could access lower premiums and guidance on how to lower their risk status.


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